Susan Kathryn Peck Fine Art


A little bit about me: My married name is Susan O'Brien, however I sign my paintings using the moniker skPeck to represent my maiden and christened name of Susan Kathryn Peck. My father had just passed away shortly before I started painting again, and he was always urging me to return to my artwork. Everytime I sign a painting with my birth name I pause for a moment and smile, as I know he would be so pleased.


I have dabbled in painting and sketching since I could hold a pencil and brush, but have never seriously applied myself to see where I can go with my art. In my late twenties I did a stint at painting for a year or two, producing some commissions and being received well at local art shows. Then life happened and as with many woman artists I dedicated my time to raising my family. It was not until 2013 and some 25 years later when I picked up my brushes and decided to pursue my art once again. Whereas I used to paint in acrylics and some egg tempera, this time around I discovered oil painting which I find personally the most satisfying medium.


I am a self-taught artist, constantly stretching and exploring what I can do with a paintbrush. I don't always get it right, or done in the most efficient manner, but I am finding doing is my best method of learning.

When I did decide to venture back into painting, I knew I didn't want to do it all alone and joined up with some amazing groups that helped ease me into this field:


  • member of the Saugeen Artists in Hanover, ON
  • member of Goderich Co op Gallery in Goderich, ON (where my art is on display in a full-time setting)
  • recipient of the 2014 Huron County Museum's Art Show "Viewer's Choice" award
  • recipient of the 2016 Huron County Museum's Art Show "Honourable Mention" and also "Viewer's Choice" award
  • participated in group shows in 2015 in Blyth, Owen Sound and Paisley, ON



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