Susan Kathryn Peck Fine Art

Playing with mark-making and speed. I  set up my Guerilla cigar box in front of my computer, grabbed a photo from my camera and set a time limit of one hour. Awesome exercise! I didn't leave myself any time to think or fiddle. In other words, I stayed out of my own way.


Wroxeter Rowboat, oil on panel, 8" x 10"


I limited myself to 3 brushes, 3 colours (plus white) and one hour.

I spent last year exploring different techniques, styles, subjects and sizes of artwork. From plein air to large studio pieces, thick impasto strokes to thin acrylic washes. Changing brushes and brush sizes. Exploring surfaces. It was exhausting. After a year of being in process mode I didn't feel any further advanced in my skills or personal satisfaction.


I decided to make peace with myself. I love to paint, I want to paint. So I just began to paint.


I started out early at the beginning of the month making small! 8x10 oils on masonite panels, producing images from what was influencing me at the time (mostly snow!). I don't know where this will go, whether it is a viable strategy, or how long it will continue. I figure at some point there will be an image or an idea  or something I want to say that will break through and I will want to do a more significant piece. The very least, I will have a great collection of 8x10 sketches to produce a calendar at the end of the year!

January always ushers in a restless need to self-assess and line up your ducks,starting out on the right footing for the coming year.


Creating a website has been on my mind for some time. Somehow getting it done gets lost in the busyness of life, especially as the year progresses. So before I get to the point where I am saying "maybe next year", I am going to jump in now and up my own personal ante.


I would like to welcome you to my website, and hope you check back from time to time as I document my personal growth in this amazing study of pushing around oil and pigment on a piece of cloth or wood.


(I started right in on New Year's Day!)



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